Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR)

The Stella Maris Ampang follows the Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR), with Bahasa Melayu as the medium of instruction and a strong emphasis on English as a second language. As an initiative by the School, Science and Mathematics are additionally taught in English.

Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah

The pupils are prepared for the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) at the end of Year 6. Eligibility to sit for this assessment test is subject to the conditions laid down by the Ministry of Education.


Subjects offered by the school are:

  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Bahasa Inggeris
  • Matematik
  • Dunia Sains & Teknologi
  • Pendidikan Moral (for non-Muslim pupils) or Pendidikan Islam (for Muslim pupils)
  • Dunia Seni Visual
  • Pendidikan Muzik
  • Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan
  • Reka Bentuk & Teknologi / Teknologi Maklumat &  Komunikasi (Upper primary)
  • Sejarah (Upper primary)

Additional Subjects:

Additional subjects offered by the school are:

  • Bible Knowledge: This subject is compulsory for all Catholic pupils. Parents of non-Catholic pupils wishing their children to attend the class are required to make a written request to the school. (This class is strictly NOT for Muslim pupils.)
  • Science & Mathematics in English
  • Mandarin Classes